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What is iWords! ?

The ultimate goal of iWords! is to help you to learn words and phrases of the foreign language with minimal time and maximal effect.

How it works?

You learn words by groups named Tasks where each Task consists of 15-16 Word Pairs.
A Word Pair itself consists of a word in language you know and its translation to language you study.
iWords! shakes all words and your goal is to restore all pairs back each by other.
During Word Pairs restoration you read words many times and automatically remember them.
This techique is based on scientifically proven method of "visual memory".

Who iWords! Users are?

It's obvious that at all stages of the foreign language studying process the vocabulary improvement remains very important. So each person who studies foreign language will find iWords! helpful in his/her needs.

What's behind the scenes?

To keep the learning process easy and make it effective at the same time iWords! constantly collects your learning statistic. When you use this application on regular basis iWords! becomes your personal assistant in foreign language learing. Collected statistic allows iWords! to "understand" which words you know good and where you still not as good as necessary. Then iWords! offers you Tasks containig for example words you know bad. This helps you to not waste time repeating words you already know good.

Which language is possible to learn with iWords! ?

The short answer is: absolutely any! The fact is that you may create new Themes and add them to iWords! on your own. It will take just 5 to 10 minutes to create a 15 Word Pairs Theme. Thanks to iWords! built-in rich Theme sharing opportunities you may easily exchange Themes with your friends, colleagues or classmates. This allows you to extend your Themes collection even more easy and fast. Moreover, by switching Language Pairs you may learn several languages at the same time!


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Happy learning!

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