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Learn Words

To effectively improve your vocabulary iWords! offers you 4 methods of words learning:

  • Learn Words of any Theme
  • Learn random Words
  • Learn Words you know worst of all
  • Run previous task again

Learn Words of any Theme

This method allows you to select any Theme and learn its words.

Learn random Words

In this method iWords! selects random Word Pairs from all themes and creates new Task from these Word Pairs. Tasks created by this method usually a little bit harder than ones created from individual Themes. It's recommended to use this method when you familiar with individual Themes.

  • You may change number of Word Pairs iWords! will use to create this Task in your settings.

Learn Words you know worst of all

This method offers you the maximum of complexity. During learning iWords! collects statistic and all words where you made errors are specially marked. Then this statistic is used to determine words mostly problematic for you and these words are used to create Task in this method.

  • You may change number of Word Pairs iWords! will use to create this Task in your settings.

Run previous task again

This method allows you to repeat the Task executed last.

Why iWords! forces me to create a User to start learning?

Because iWords! collects learning statistic its strongly recommended to have as many users in application as many people works with it. This allows iWords! to not mix for example statistic of John from statistic of Jessica and so on. And because statistic is intensively used internall by iWords! to improve learing effectiveness you obviously shuldn't mix statistic of different people. So please create a different application user for each people using iWords!. iWords! also contains a Guest user account. It can be used for guests, people who will only use iWords! on a brief, temporary basis.

Actual learning process

When you start new Task you see two lists of words. These lists contains Word Pairs you should restore. To restore Word Pair double-tap at the word from the left list (the word will be marked by a checkmark). Then find and double-tap its counterpart in the right list.

If both words are from the same Word Pair they will be removed. Repeating this process you will clear both lists.

  • If you can't find a pair to particular word select this word and tap I need Help button. iWords! will show you correct counterpart to the word you selected.
  • You may stop Task learning at any time by tapping Surrender! button.