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Theme management

iWords! is a powerful learning platform allowing you to learn any words of any language you want. You can easily create any theme in 5 minutes on your PC or Mac using free software provided. There are many ways to manage themes in iWords!:

  • Create new Themes on your Device.
  • Use iTunes to copy Theme files from your computer to Device and then import Themes into iWords!
  • Open e-mails with attached Themes on your Device and import them into iWords!
  • Import Themes from your Dropbox storage directly into iWords!
  • Send Themes by e-mail to your classmates, friends, colleagues and etc.
  • Exchange Themes between two Devices connected via Bluetooth

Create Themes on your Device

In iWords! you may create new Themes on the go. This feature is available on Create Theme screen.

  • Specify two languages of your Theme (Language Left and Right).
  • Enter Theme name in both languages (Name Left and Right). If the name entered does already exist in the list of themes iWords! will warn you. It's also possible to add short description of the theme in one of Theme languages or in both.
  • Add several word pairs to your Theme. Be sure that the Theme doesn't contain repeating words. If the word enetered does already exist in current Theme iWords! will warn you. Like for Theme name you may add short description to each word pair (in description you may specify for example the part of speech the current word belongs to and etc.).
  • To create the Theme and add it to iWords! tap a Create button.

Import Themes from local computer using USB

iWords! offers you a quick and easy way to add new Themes with your own words from the local computer.
To transfer Themes between iWords! and your computer:

  • Connect your Device to computer via USB cable.
  • Run iTunes on your computer and select your Device in iTunes.
  • Switch to Apps tab in iTunes and scroll page down to File Sharing section.
  • Select iWords! in the list of applications that support iTunes File Sharing.
  • iWords! Documents list will show the list of Themes and Theme Collections you have on your Device. Drop Theme and/or collection files to Documents list to copy Themes from your computer to device.
  • Go to iWords! Main Screen and tap Import Theme from File item. An Import Theme from File screen opens. Import Themes and/or Theme Collections into iWords! database by tapping them.

It's also possible to drag and drop Themes and Theme Collections from the Device back to your computer.

Import Themes from e-mails

You can easily import new Themes and Theme Collections into iWords! from e-mais.

  • Open e-mail client on your Device.
  • Then open any e-mail containing Theme or Theme Collection in attachment and tap on that attachment. iWords! application opens and will start processing the attachment you tapped.

Import Themes from your Dropbox storage

To even more simplify your life iWords! allows you to import individual Themes and Theme Collections from your Dropbox storage. This feature is available on Manage Themes with Dropbox screen.

  • Browse your files and folders directly on Dropbox using built-in iWords! files browser.
  • To quickly select or deselect multiple Themes or Them Collections tap corresponding buttons on toolbar.
  • To import Themes into iWords! tap an Import button.

Send Themes by e-mail

You may share your themes with classmates/friends/colleagues via e-mail directly from iWords!. This feature is available on Exchange Themes screen.

  • To send Themes by e-mail select one or more Themes then tap Send by e-mail button. All selected themes will be compressed into the single Theme Collection (ZIP archive) and attached to e-mail. You need to enter e-mail address you want to send your themes to and tap Send button.

Please note that you need to have an Internet connection established to send e-mail.

Connect two Devices using Bluetooth

To easily exchange themes between two Devices you should connect them via Bluetooth. This feature is available on Exchange Themes screen.

  • To connect two devices tap Nearby Devices button then tap Connect.

    Then follow standard steps of iOS Bluetooth connection UI.
    Please note that above actions should be performed at the same time on both Devices you want to connect.
  • To quickly select or deselect multiple Themes at the same time tap corresponding buttons on toolbar.
  • To send Themes to nearby Device select one or more Themes then tap Send to nearby Device button.