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Learning Statistic

Learning Statistic shows your progress in vocabulary improvement. On this screen opening the statistic of your default Language Pair is always displayed.

Statistic is divided into three main groups:

  • Statistic by Language Pair
  • Overall statistic
  • Daily Statistic diagram

Statistic by Language Pair

Statistic by Language Pair shows your results in current Language Pair learning. Rating is one of the mostly interesting parts of statistic. It shows correct answers to errors ratio. This is a measure of your experience in current Language Pair. You may also check how many correct answers and errors you made and how many times you used hints. Number of Tasks you runned and surrendered are also displayed.

Overall Statistic

Overall Statistic provides you a common information about your iWords! usage.

Daily Statistic

Daily Statistic diagram shows your learning results by days. By default Daily Statistic diagram displays your mostly actual results but you may easily scroll to older ones.

  • To scroll the diagram left and right just swipe it with your finger.
  • To see statistic of different Language Pair tap it twice.

    You may also switch to previous/next Language Pair by tapping Previous/Next button on the toolbar.